New Procedures

My dear patients,

As you all know, I have been using PRP to treat my patients with their body aches and pain, in addition to helping them look younger. As I was eager to help my patients get better in their overall health, I looked for the solution, and found the best doctor to train me.

I am pleased to announce the newest application of PRP in my office.
I had the honor and opportunity to be trained by DR. CHARLES RUNELS, MD.
These procedure can help with sexual dysfunction, pain during sex, not having orgasm in men and women, not able to have an erection, lichen sclerosis, loss of urine control in women, enlarge breast size, make face younger, better skin, and all of these are done without any surgery or down time, and are painless!!
There are no side effects with PRP therapy, it is your own powerful blood cells working for your health problems!

If you are interested, please ask the doctor for more information.
We have seminars coming up to teach you more about these exciting treatments, and our website will soon be updated as well with videos.

Making life changes one patient at a time!